Can’t Get More “Local” than This: Balcony Garden

by thefamilyfoodblog

Last year, after spending $3 for a tiny package of fresh basil and not using it up one too many times, I decided to start growing my own. Basily, as I oh-so-creatively named my plant, became my equivalent of a pet. I got friends to babysit him when out of town and even took him to work with me once (not on Take Your Child to Work Day, unfortunately. Or maybe fortunately). He grew well and contributed to many a bowl of pasta.

So perhaps it’s surprising that it took me so long to expand upon the idea and plant a whole balcony garden. But now that I have some outdoor space, it finally happened. The Saturday of Memorial Day weekend, when apparently all of DC had the same idea – Home Depot’s nursery was mobbed – we put our garden together.

Balcony Garden

From left to right, in a sunny corner of the balcony: thyme, cilantro, oregano, Roma tomatoes, cucumber, and strawberries.

Yes, that fuzzy thing in the lower left corner of the photo is my thumb.

In the week since they were planted, I’ve already seen some growth. Particularly the cilantro plant, which was unceremoniously dumped on its head during the planting process. Oops. We’ve also got five little strawberry blossoms, under which you can see tiny green fruits starting to grow. Still in the works is finding some rosemary. I guess all those other people at Home Depot beat me to the rosemary plants.

Somewhat unrelated: Anyone out there a fan of the Munch Bunch books? You know, Aubrey Aubergine, Olly Onion, Button and Tiny the mushrooms? I think they were the inspiration for my plant naming strategy (e.g. Basily Basil). Speaking of Basily, you’ll notice that the patriarch of this group is missing from the photo. Rest easy, he’s back now and holding down the fort in the corner between the two planters.