Espresso and Ramekins: Exploring Sur la Table

by thefamilyfoodblog

One of my aims in starting this blog was to bring together aspects of food and eating that aren’t usually combined, to create a more complete picture that properly reflects real life. Hence the recipes, restaurant reviews, and exploration of ingredients. Most of the food-related blogs I’d seen focused on either recipes or restaurants, and when tossing around the idea of my own blog, I realized that that just isn’t how I – or most of you, I’m guessing – eat. Those bloggers who post new recipes every day impress me to no end and give me plenty of Pinterest fodder, but when reading their posts, I always wonder: do they ever get bored or tired or simply want to take a break from cooking?

And to the restaurant mavens, I ask: don’t you ever just want a PB&J or some cereal and milk?

So, in keeping with that idea of the “complete food experience,” I thought I’d write about a little shopping I did yesterday afternoon. I was in the Friendship Heights neighborhood of DC and had an hour to kill between my morning dance class and lunch with a friend. Since fancy cooking store* Sur la Table happened to be right between the class and our lunch spot, I decided to stop by. Soon after entering, a sales associate gave me a free cup of coffee in exchange for watching her demonstrate this Nespresso cappuccino maker. As my main purpose in being there was to use up some time, I was happy to oblige.

Um, the coffee was good. More importantly, though, it was HOT. Which meant I was going to stay put in that air-conditioned store for at least twenty minutes, switching that hot cup from hand to hand until it finally cooled enough to drink. And then drinking it.

I decided to spend that time browsing through their dishware and sale section. I’ve sort of been on the hunt for small bowls lately, something the right size for ice cream or dip or a bunch of grapes. Ramekins, I discovered while searching, are another nice option. The biggest difference is that unlike bowls, they don’t have rounded interiors. But in my opinion they more than made up for that in terms of sheer cuteness. Especially the tiny 1 oz ones, which would have made a great casserole dish for Barbie and Ken.

I seriously considered the Nantucket ice cream bowls, but wasn’t able to tell if they were microwave- and dishwasher-safe. By the time I had finished oohing and aahing over those and the adorable mini ramekins, my coffee had cooled to a drinkable temperature. I quickly perused their food offerings (this pancake and waffle mix was tempting) but ultimately didn’t buy anything.

* Technical term. According to popular use, Williams-Sonoma and the Corningware store also fall into this category.